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Don't Spend Months or Even a Year Looking for a Collaborative Physician

Tap into our network and find the perfect fit physician for your practice in record time without overpaying or getting locked in dead-end contracts

You want to start your own practice and become a healthcare entrepreneur...

but you're still far off because you find yourself running around trying to meet all the requirements from your state and licensing regulations, only for you to realize that


That's where we come in..

Collaborative Physician Network

What We Do

The Collaborative Physician Network is apart of the International Business Association for Nurses founded by Dr. Jessica Chung, DNP, NP-C

We assist APRNs, PAs LPNs, RNs and others with finding collaborating or supervising physicians and medical directors in their state.

We know how challenging it is to launch your business or private practice and not have a physician that is affordable reliable supportive and available.

What We Do

The Collaborative Physician Network is apart of the International Business Association for Nurses founded by Dr. Jessica Chung, DNP, NP-C

We assist APRNs, PAs LPNs, RNs and others with finding collaborating or supervising physicians and medical directors in their state.

We know how challenging it is to launch your business or private practice and not have a physician that is affordable reliable supportive and available.

We have physicians licensed in several states. We strive to negotiate affordable collaboration fees for our clients. We find a collaborating physician that meets your criteria.

We only work with physicians that are supportive of Nurse & Healthcare Entrepreneurs.

. . . . . .

Our Network of Physicians are..

From various

Family, Internal Med, Emergency, Plastic Surgery, General Surgeon, Psychiatry, OB/GYN, Dermatology and more

Licensed in multiple states

Some of our physicians are licensed in multiple states which gives you more flexibility

Supportive of nurse business owners

Our selected physicians are hand-selected and are very supportive of nurse business owners and won't get in your way

Liable and

Our physicians are agreeable to a lower than average administrative fees depending on your business

Dr Jessica Chung DNP, NP-C

Founder, I.B.A.N. and CPN

About Us

Founded by an APRN and Business Owner, Dr. Jessica Chung, DNP, NP-C, we're dedicated to helping Nursing Professionals become and grow as entrepreneurs and leaders. We also offer consulting services, Educational & Career Mentoring services for nurses and APRNs.

How We Work

  • After completion of intake form, we review and determine if we can assist you with a physician.

  • We send you a quote and you decide if you want to work with us

  • We reach out to our network and see who is the best candidate

  • We personally interview all physicians

  • We negotiate the monthly collaboration fee starting at below market rate and at the lower end of your reasonable budget

See What Our Clients Are Saying

We worked with IBAN's Collaborative Physician Network to find two collaborating psychiatrists. The process was smooth and efficient and they were quickly able to find us two great collaborating doctors. I highly recommend IBAN and their services. Thank you!

- Brighid Gannon, DNP, PMHNP-BC

Co-Founder of Lavender

"I am the Director of Rehabilitation for Mobility Rehabilitation, Inc. and Four Corners Rehabilitation, both located here in Clermont, FL. We were looking to expand our practice by having a medical doctor who would serve as the medical director join our team. We were having trouble finding our medical doctor and after reaching out to the Collaborative Physician Network, they were able to help us locate a medical doctor here in FL within one week. The medical doctor was an excellent fit for our team and has been a life saver for our company. My experience with the Collaborative Physician Network has been very positive as they showed great compassion and follow-up for our needs from start to finish and I would highly recommend the Collaborative Physician Network to all of you."

- Kaeleigh Hicks, DrOT, MOT, OTR/L, CLT

Director of Rehabilitation, Mobility Rehabilitation, Inc.,
Four Corners Health and Rehabilitation, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you complete the form, we will review it and determine if we are able to meet your request. Then we send you more information on the cost of our service and process to move forward.

Once you are ready to move forward, we sign a service agreement and you make a one time payment. We may request you to send your resume and business information so we can find the best physician match.

We reach out to our network of physicians and see who is a best match for your business. We speak to them on your behalf and negotiate the monthly collaboration fees to get you the best price.

We then send the physician's information to you and you will contact them to move forward with a collaboration agreement.

The cost of our service to find a physician is a one-time, flat rate. That rate depends on your location, license type and services you are offering. There are some services that are very specific and may take us more time to find the best physician.

We will send a quote for our services after we review your request.

The next cost would be the cost you pay directly to the physician for collaboration. We help you by taking the budget cost you selected in the form and presenting it to and negotiating with physician for you so we make sure you are not overypaying for services.

We have thousands of physicians in our network and we will all of resources to do our best to find you the best physician to fit the needs of your service and business.

Due to our company offering services in many states and we are not attorneys, we do not and cannot provide you with a collaborative or independent contract agreement template. Please refer to your state board of nursing/medicine for a template and/or attorney to draft an agreement/contract.

We can refer you to an attorney upon request.

In order to keep our service fees low and avoid charging our clients continuous monthly fees, we do not provide you with an attorney or lawyer or a contract/agreement to sign with your collaborator or medical director. Due to various state laws and regulations, it is best that you contact your state board of nursing or medicine or your own attorney for an agreement to sign with your collaborator or medical director. We can refer you to an attorney and send sample agreements/contracts upon requests. Sample agreements/contracts are not considered legal or professional advice from our company.

If there is a reasonable cause you cannot collaborate with the physician we refer to you, we will extend our services to find you another physician.

As a consulting company for healthcare business owners, we are not able to provide malpractice insurance for our clients and collaborators. You can contact your current insurance provider and inquire about adding your collaborator/medical director to your current policy, which is typically very affordable.

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